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Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 130 in the Wine Room at King's College, Cambridge on 23 June 1955.

By: DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Stanley Morison : Reynolds Stone : John Dreyfus.

Price: £55.00

Publisher: Double Crown Club 1955.:

Seller ID: 8758

Condition: Striking Curwen-style red, black & gold patterned wrappers c. 18.5 x 12 cms, with large gold label. Containing 4pp sewn-in and handsomely printed in red & black, a fine copy of a very fragile little piece.

About 60 copies only by John Dreyfus and printed at Cambridge University Press. Stanley Morison gave a talk On Learned Presses. Includes the beautiful SM monogram cut for Stanley Morison by Reynolds Stone. Prior to dinner, the Club visited Olga Hirsch's collection of decorated papers : and were entertained by the Cambridge University Printer at the Pitt Press. View more info

Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 89 on 5 March 1947. At this dinner : Modern Magazine Make-Up : Stanley Morison opens discussion : The President in the Chair.

By: DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Stanley Morison : Vivian Ridler.

Price: £20.00

Publisher: Double Crown Club 1947.:

Seller ID: 9353

Condition: 4pp c. 15 x 12 cms french-fold on tinted paper. Cover illustrated with stylised conjoined hands in red and black : inside illustrated with stylised joints of meat also in red and black, fine.

About 75 copies only designed by Vivian Ridler : and printed by Foister & Jagg, Cambridge. Stanley Morison opened the discussion on Modern Magazine Make-Up. View more info

Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 38 on 4 May 1933.

By: DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Stephen Gaselee : John Carter.

Price: £35.00

Publisher: Double Crown Club 1933.:

Seller ID: 8751

Condition: Card folded once to form 4pp c. 18.5 x 11 cms, with decorative front cover. And with loosely inserted grey card c. 15.5 x 10 cms printed with John Carter's address and with Double Crown Club initials DCC all in blue. Both items in fine condition.

About 60 copies only designed by John Carter and printed by the Shenval Press. Stephen Gaselee gave a talk on The Printing Of Menus. View more info

Invitation for Double Crown Club Dinner 280 at Oriel College, Oxford on 9 Aug 1985.


Price: £24.00

Publisher: Double Crown Club 1985.:

Seller ID: 8749

Condition: 4 pages c. 21.5 x 14 cms french-fold on thick tinted paper, printed in red & black throughout, text with ink tick confirming payment sent, else fine.

About 100 copies only printed by Oxford University Printing House. No talk was given at this Dinner : instead Blackwells held an Exhibition, and a tour of the Bodleian Library was organised. View more info

Sixe Idillia 1588 : poems or eclogues by Theocritus translated into English verse. Intro by S. Gaselee.

By: GRIBBLE, Vivien : Stanley Morison : Theocritus.

Price: £85.00

Publisher: Duckworth 1922.:

Seller ID: 4516

Condition: Ruari McLean Copy.* Quarter buckram gilt, illustrated boards, and with dws printed with text & illustration. Slim folio, c.pp60 uncut, endpapers darkened as always, some wear to edge of lower board at two places. With numerous woodcut illustrations & decorations by Vivien Gribble.

350 copies on hmp: numbered & signed by Gribble. Designed by Stanley Morison who finally chose the unusual Cloister Old Style types after some seven trial settings. Vivien Gribble's first book illustrations. Very attractive and rather uncommon book. This copy with the neat typographical bookplate of Ruari McLean, typographer and historian of book design. View more info

British Botanical & Horticultural Literature before 1800. Comprising a history & bibliography of botanical & horticultural books printed in England, Scotland & Ireland from the earliest times until 1800.

By: HENREY, Blanche.

Price: £85.00

Publisher: Oxford University Press 1975.:

Seller ID: 9448

Condition: First Edition, 3 Vols, small folios [bindings c.28 x 19 cms], original grey cloth lettered in gilt, neat modern booklabel on front pastedowns. Total c.1235pp, and with 32 colour plates and 162 other illustrations. Gilt cloth just slightly marked, else a very good set.

Superb prize-winning historical and bibliographical work. View more info

James Shand.

By: HUTT, Allen.

Price: £35.00

Publisher: Wynkyn de Worde Society 1968.:

Seller ID: 9329

Condition: Broadside folded multiple times to form a tall narrow 8vo block, tipped into stiff grey wrappers lettered in black. The inside of the wrappers with a portrait of Shand. Excellent copy of a fragile item.

Scarce keepsake, in a very unusual format, printed by the Shenval Press for the members of the Wynkyn de Worde Society. 'Among the half-dozen great printers in Britain this century', James Shand was the distinguished director of the Shenval Press, editor of a number of highly influential typographical magazines, a pillar of the Double Crown Club, and the first chair of the Wynkyn de Worde Society. View more info

Christmas Cards for 2005 & 2007 by Brenda Berman and Annet Stirling of Incisive Letterwork.

By: INCISIVE LETTERWORK : Brenda Berman and Annet Stirling.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Incisive Letterwork 2005 & 2007.:

Seller ID: 9430

Condition: Together 2 Christmas Cards, one c. 11 x 13 cms; the other c. 7 x 15 cms, both in fine condition.

Both cards with elegant calligraphic designs in colour, and both signed with season's greetings by Brenda Berman and Annet Stirling. View more info

Image for Early Woodcut Initials: 15th & 16th Century ornamental letters.

Early Woodcut Initials: 15th & 16th Century ornamental letters.

By: JENNINGS, Oscar.

Price: £185.00

Publisher: Methuen 1908.:

Seller ID: 1938

Condition: Handsome gilt cloth. Thick 4to, c.pp300 t.e.g., others uncut, binding lightly marked, very good bright copy.

Important pioneering study. With c.120pp intro & commentary + c.180pp illustrating some 1300 woodcut initials. View more info

Space Craft [A Talk with illustrations on Optical Letter Spacing at the Wynkyn de Worde Society, Stationers (sic) Hall Meeting, 19 July 1973].


Price: £30.00

Publisher: Wynkyn de Worde Society 1973.:

Seller ID: 9328

Condition: Sm.8vo booklet c. 16 x 12 cms, with white spiral binding. Comprises illustrated blue & white cover + 13pp text + 12pp illustrations + colophon, all printed on versos only of stiff card. The title card and all the illustrations each preceded by a stiff glassine sheet printed with explanatory captions in red. A fine copy of a delicate item.

Interesting and handsome production on Kindersley's ideas on the optical, rather than the more usual mechanical, spacing of type. View more info

Image for The Invention Of Lithography 1818 : by Alois Senefelder. English translation by J. W. Muller.

The Invention Of Lithography 1818 : by Alois Senefelder. English translation by J. W. Muller.

By: LITHOGRAPHY : Alois Senefelder.

Price: £75.00

Publisher: New York, Fuchs & Lang 1911.:

Seller ID: 3718

Condition: Gilt cloth bit dulled. 4to, c.pp242 uncut, corner of lower cover bit damp-marked affecting top blank corner of final few leaves. Stout copy, mostly unopened. With tipped-in colour litho portrait + 1 plate of machinery.

Senefelder's own description of his revolutionary invention & its practical application. The First English translation since 1819. View more info

From A Letter of T. E. Lawrence.

By: MARDERSTEIG, Giovanni : T. E. Lawrence.

Price: £425.00

Publisher: Double Crown Club, Mardersteig at the Officina Bodoni 1959.:

Seller ID: 9314

Condition: Pink wrappers c. 20 x 13.5 cms, with device in grey, c.pp8, a fine copy.

About 100 copies only issued. Printed by Mardersteig at the Officina Bodoni in Dante type : for presentation to members of the Double Crown Club at the 150th Dinner. Lawrence's letter of August 1910 discusses the reading of books in general, and in particular the French books in which he was then engrossed. View more info

Matrix 17 : A Review For Printers & Bibliophiles.

By: MATRIX : Whittington Press.

Price: £90.00

Publisher: Whittington Press 1997.:

Seller ID: 9528

Condition: Folio, original woodcut-illustrated wrappers over stiff boards. With numerous illustrations and typographical examples tipped-in. Also loosely enclosed are a flyer for Matrix 18 : and Whittington News No 4, Jan 1998.

An excellent unused copy, bright, fresh and very handsome. Edition Limited to 770 copies [and 80 Specials]. *** Includes important articles on a Washi Tour in Japan, on Oxford Bible Types, on the Golden Cockerel Press, Maximilien Vox, Hermann Zapf, Lissitzky, Bruce Rogers, Caslon Type, Van Krimpen &c. View more info

Souvenir Caporal : [poems 1940-45 by] Raffaele Carrieri.

By: MONDADORI PRESS : Raffaele Carrieri : Mardersteig.

Price: £275.00

Publisher: Verona, Edizioni D'Arte Mondadori 1946.:

Seller ID: 4477

Condition: Handsome quarter vellum lettered in gilt, with decorative revealed thongs and pretty marbled paper boards, with original plain card slip-case. Folio, c.pp132 uncut, slip-case just slightly worn, a fine unopened copy.

492 copies [& 5 specials] strikingly hand-printed in Verona on Fabriano hand-made paper in the original types used by Giambattista Bodoni at his Bodoni Press in 18th century Parma. Each poem with an opening initial in red. A beautiful example of restrained & elegant printing : very much in the manner of Mardersteig and his 20th century Officina Bodoni which, like Mondadori, was also based in Verona. In fact one of the first titles produced by Mardersteig after his move to Verona in 1927 was printed for the Edizioni Mondadori. Very handsome book. View more info

A Tribute To Stanley Morison : an oration given to a special meeting of The Royal Society Of Arts.

By: MORAN, James : Stanley Morison : Crutchley.

Price: £40.00

Publisher: Cambs College of Arts & Technology 1969.:

Seller ID: 7005

Condition: Presentation To Brooke Crutchley.* Sheet 66 x 24cms folded to form 12pp narrow roy.8vo, fine.

Inscribed 'For Brooke Crutchley with best wishes. James Moran'. Attractively printed in 8pt Times semi-bold cast with matrices lent by Brooke Crutchley, who was the Director of Cambridge University Press. View more info

Grondbeginselen Der Typografie [First Principles Of Typography].

By: MORISON, Stanley : Brooke Crutchley.

Price: £45.00

Publisher: Amsterdam, De Buitenkant 1983.:

Seller ID: 7015

Condition: Special Issue.* Boards lettered black & red, edged with scarlet cloth. Sm.sq.8vo, portrait & 120pp, a fine copy.

Special Issue of 60 bound copies. Translation & typography by Huib van Krimpen. This copy, with our slip indicating provenance, purchased from Brooke Crutchley, the distinguished typographic scholar and Printer to Cambridge University Press 1946-74. View more info

An Erratum Slip printed for John Carter's 1950 Handlist Of Morison's Writings.

By: MORISON, Stanley : John Carter.

Price: £75.00

Publisher: 1950.:

Seller ID: 7032

Condition: Erratum Slip 9 x 3.75 cms printed on card.

25 copies only of this Erratum Slip were printed. With pencil note on accompanying card by Brooke Crutchley explaining 'Erratum slip inserted in copies of book or pamphlet (JWC's Handlist?) placed before each person at luncheon in Trinity Hall after ceremony at which SM received his honorary D.Litt'. The Erratum was something of an in-joke and reads in part 'For Mr Morison, read Dr Morison, passim. In a letter of acknowledgement to Crutchley, Morison wrote 'Don't, however, press the joke too far and have me addressed, regularly, as "Dr". There is a matter of logic here; the point of refusing a... View more info

Type Designs Of The Past & Present.

By: MORISON, Stanley.

Price: £32.00

Publisher: Cambridge University Press for Fleuron 1926.:

Seller ID: 7486

Condition: First Edition, Variant Issue.* Red cloth lettered in black, with white dws extensively titled in black. C.pp78, dws slightly dusty & nicked, very good copy. With 63 type illustrations.

See Appleton 35a describing only the original issue in red linen with paper label and no dws. This Variant Issue is in cheaper red cloth directly lettered, and with white dws which are extensively titled in black. View more info

1993 - 1994 Season's Greetings from The Crafts Council.

By: MORTIMER, Ian : Hermann Zapf.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Ian Mortimer at I. M. Imprint 1993.:

Seller ID: 9428

Condition: Stiff thick white card folded once to form 4 pages c. 16.5 x 14.5 cms, in fine condition.

Inside page with signed 7 word Seasonal Greeting in an elegant hand. Strikingly printed by Ian Mortimer at his I. M. Imprint press. The front page with the dates 1993 and 1994 deeply impressed in blind using Zapf's Festival Figures - large numerals enclosing floral decoration. The front and rear pages also elegantly printed in Zapf's Optima in red. View more info

Ichabod Dawks & His News-Letter. With an account of the Dawks Family of booksellers & stationers 1635-1731. By Stanley Morison.

By: NEWSPAPERS : Ichabod Dawks : Stanley Morison.

Price: £155.00

Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1931.:

Seller ID: 1871

Condition: Gilt buckram, with striking typographical dustwrappers designed by Morison and with very extensive lettering front and back. Folio, c.pp52 uncut, binding with just a slight marking or fading at one corner, the flimsy dustwrappers with a couple of tiny 'invisible' repairs, an excellent copy of a vulnerable book more often found in poor condition and without the delicate dustwrappers. With 6 tipped-in collotype facsimiles [comprising 13pp total] + 1 other plate + various facsimile illustrations in text.

Scarce book. 500 copies printed by Walter Lewis who took 'extraordinary trouble with the setting of the Dawks type', a typographical invention much admired by Morison. Excellent copy, with the delicate dust wrappers, of a book more usually found in poor condition. View more info